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Jury Verdict: $22,402,759 (Public Contract Illegality)1

Jury Verdict: Defense ($20 Million Real Estate Contract Claim)2

Jury Verdict: Defense ($14 Million Commercial Contract Claim)1

Appeal: $200,000 Judgment Reversed  (Insurance Coverage)3

JudgmentAlter Ego Liability (Breach of Contract)1

Stipulated Judgment:  $300,000 (Unfair Competition)4

Judgment:  $1.1 million (Partnership Dissolution)5

Settlement:  $75,000 (Wrongful Discharge/Sex Harassment)6

Settlement:  $72,500 (Commercial Banking Liability)7

Settlement:  Restitution and Attorneys Fees (Vehicle Lemon Law)8

Settlement:  $750,000 (Stock Fraud)9

Summary Judgment:  Possession and $59,054 (Commercial Unlawful Detainer)10

Settlement:  $75,000 (Pharmacist Negligence)11

Judgment: Terminating Sanctions (Real Estate Fraud)12

Appeal: $22,402,759 Judgment Affirmed (Public Contract Illegality)13

Summary Judgment: Granted + Attorneys' Fees ($1 Million Breach of Contract)14

Settlement:  $85,000 (Breach of Guaranty)15

Pro Bono Settlement:  $30,000 (Breach of Contract)16

Settlement:  $62,500 (Breach of Shareholder Agreement)17

Appeal: Summary Judgment Affirmed (Breach of Contract)18

Anti-SLAPP Motion: Defeated + Attorneys' Fees (Breach of Professional Duties)19

Motion to Compel Arbitration: Defeated (Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty)20

Settlement: $455,000 (Breach of Contract)21

Settlement: $300,000 (Breach of Contract)22

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